Around 1.9 million people have filed for GST return till 23rd August, Wednesday. The GSTN officials, those who are responsible for the IT system of GST, are hoping to get 2.8 million more to file the tax return in coming two days.

The taxpayers who have filed for the return represent around 22 percent of total assesses under the tax regime. However, among the total number which 8.7 million people 2.2 million taxpayers are yet to file the return.

GSTN which is also managing the tax apparatus filing, has taken proper measure to deal with the rush that is likely to occur in the coming days, said Navin Kumar, the chairman of GSTN. Last week, the rush caused the portal to crash which created hindrance in tax filing. This forced the GST council to extend the deadline for GST return filing to 25th August.

Taxpayers who are willing to claim the input tax credit will be able to file the return by 28th August. Sudhir Singh, the managing director of Marg ERP, has said that the number 1.9 million might seem like a huge one to the others, but for the GST officials, this is not a very large number. The number is likely to grow by the time deadline appears. However, he adds that the taxpayers are finding it difficult to file the return.

By 21st August, ₹ 42 thousand crores have come as tax amount from 1 million taxpayers. The figure is expected to grow with time. The number is likely to touch 2 million.