New Delhi – Two months have passed since the implementation of GST. PM Modi has addressed the apprehension regarding the tax system, saying the apprehension has been proven to be unfounded. He has also added that a smooth transition of the tax system has taken place in the nation.

After the declaration, the PM has addressed the state secretaries and asked them to increase the effort of getting more registrations under the unified tax system. The government is looking for a quantum jump within a month.

This has been the 21st meeting of Prime Minister through PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation) in which he chaired. This is regarded as a monthly communication with the top officials of the nation.

GST has been implemented on 1st of July, and the system has unified the multiple state governed taxes.

The PM has reviewed the progress of the vital infrastructure projects that are worth ₹ 56 crores. The projects are scattered over different states including – Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and many other states. The PM reviewed the progress of handling and the resolutions related to trademarks and patents.

The PM has acknowledged the improvement of the projects and urged the officials to work towards processing the patent and trademark applications further.

The officials have taken the effort of explaining the process related to granting the patent and trademarks. The PM has addressed the need to use the latest IT technology in the matter of speeding up the process.

Additionally, the PM has also checked the Smart Cities Mission. He also appreciated the indulgence of the cities in the mission. Along with this PM said that the challenge that everyone now faces is the right implementation and the completion of the work in the identified cities.

The right of the tribal community has also been regarded in the meeting as the PM reviewed the Forest Right Act and highlighted the need of using technology.