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Digital Media Collaboration Enquiry

We are open for sponsored collaborations of the technology related products, both hardware, and software, on our website. Perspective Digital Media Managers can contact us at [email protected]

Product promotion on Social channels and product giveaways can also be arranged on demand.

Advertising with us will surely bring good benefit for you, using this website as an advertisement platform you can easily reach to many new potential users. We offer various types of advertisement models suitable to your needs:

Images/Videos Banner Ads: We offer both Image and Text ads in almost all popular ad formats like Banner (468×60), Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (300×600) (160×600), Medium Rectangle(300×250), Button (120×60), Square (125X125). Majority of our ads are being served by third-party agencies (like Google Adsense) but we also provide custom-sized and standard banners that work with various ad-serving software and tracking systems that can accommodate any type of medium, from static or animated GIF or Flash-based banners to embedded HTML. Various Banner Ads formats are available for Homepage and Inner full post pages.

Organize Giveaways/Contest here: Sponsoring a giveaway is the best way to promote yourself online. Giveaway attracts more users and they love to participate in them hence a fully sponsored giveaway will promote more effectively.

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