Different social media platform is being used to disrupt GST implementation, said an official GST source. Social media campaigns are being used to evoke opposition against GST implementation.

The tax reformation has come to effect on July 1st. The past month has been spent on adaptation which seemed to be smooth, though some discontent was noticed. Because GST has some disruptive qualities, the centre has been watching the procedure closely since its inception.

The central has noticed that since the day the four slabs GST rate has been introduced, different groups have come forward and expressed their opinion. The tax of 5% which has been slapped on devices for physically challenged people and this issue has been criticized by the Congress members.

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Recently Rahul Gandhi has turned to Tweeter and called Modi government insensitive. He said that the GST on products like wheelchairs and Braille typewriters had proved the insensitivity of the government towards the disabled people.

Different groups have come forward to protest against the tax on disability item. In their defense, the GST officials said that the final tax which the consumers pay is lower than the input tax. This is the reason a manufacturer can claim the refund. In case, the devices had come at zero tax, the credit on tax would have made the items more expensive.

The government source did not want to reveal the name, yet made sure to say that the frustrated manufacturers are using social media platforms to express their outrage. He added that it is easy to spread rage because ordinary people don’t understand the taxation, they are not bothered with the details either.

Additionally, the 12% GST on a sanitary napkin has attracted a round of criticism from the citizens. People have turned to social media to express their irritation about the government’s indifference to the needs of the women.

The finance ministry has said that the 12% tax is lower than the 13.7% which used to get charged earlier. The government sources accuse the social media campaigns that have hit different platforms. They said that the Chinese companies are creating such disrupt. The imported China made sanitary napkins would win over the local market sanitary napkins without GST and input taxes.

The same can be said about the hybrid cars that are making tremor in the social media. They say that the foreign automobile makers are after such campaigns. The officials have expressed their hope that the campaigns would be dropped once people understand the long term benefit of the tax reformation.