New Delhi – Between the time span of one month, 31st July and 31st August, more than 4000 calls had been made on GST. Despite the GST awareness campaign organized by the central government, the National Consumer Helpline has experienced a flood of calls which that the taxpayers made to gather information about GST. On the first month, the helpline has received 4500 calls.

Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has organized a review on Thursday. It has revealed that the between July and August, around 4000 calls have been made. Among these calls, 2500 were general query calls about how the new tax system will affect price and the process of implementation.

The new reformed tax has puzzled both the consumers and the traders. A statistic said that around 590 calls had been made by the traders looking for information about registration and GST return filing. Around 350 calls have been made by the consumers making complaints regarding the high selling price of the goods.

The GST confusion has become a permanent thing even though the government agencies have undertaken the task of raising GST awareness. The Central government has created a full page advertisement regarding this. Central Board of Excise has created a FAQs of 50 facts. These facts encompass various aspects of GST. To make the matter even more effective, Amitabh Bachchan has starred in a GST advertisement.

The current statistic of helpline calls shows an interesting trend. The highest number of complaints has been made about an online purchase. From the month of January to the month of August, more than 40,000 such calls have been made. The rate of success in addressing these problems is high as well. The success rate has increased since the time, the e-commerce firms have been brought on board. The complaints get forwarded to the firms directly. As per the claims made by the helpline, 77% of such calls have been resolved.