Digitalization has reformed living standard of the human beings. From fashion brands to household things, everything is available online nowadays. All people would have to do is click.

However, this world of fairy tale seems to be at risk with the implementation of GST. The new tax system has everyone worry about the state of their wallet. Would it help in saving money? Or, would it burn the lucre as it comes?

The tragedy of error is the rumours and myths make a round every time a GST meeting takes place in the central. The time to put the doubts and the confusions behind has come. The good news is, to decipher the GST code, you would not have to summon Robert Langton.

The Good, The Bad, The GST

The founder of Limeroad, Suchi Mukherjee is the first one to assure people that there is nothing to worry about. She says that the new tax system has come with much anticipation. The inception of the tax regime has occurred because the Government wants to offer the customers a better pricing experience. If anything GST has been implemented to create positive impact.

Because India is one of the major key players in the online business, the tax system has been formed to propel the business ahead and not to drag it behind. A recent estimation has claimed that the online business would grow and generate more than $100 billion by the wake of 2020.

GST would eliminate the paper works when a product gets shipped. This would ensure that the delivery time of your product reduces. Now, that is something to rejoice about, right?

Discount Dilemma or Delight

Well, the nation is yet to see the updated prices on the screen. Limeroad advocates discovery and not discount. They claim that the discounts are offered by the sellers and not the portal itself.

The Return Policy

Yes, this also has been a matter of worry. Would the refund money come along with the GST that the customers have paid at the time of buying? Yes, says Jabong, a popular fashion portal of India. They have updated their return policy, stating that the price along with GST percentage would be refunded lest the customer returns the product within 30 days.

Immediate Changes

The nation might have to wait a while to see what changes are about to come towards the online shopping. The Government has pointed out that the e-com companies would have to collect 1% tax from each one of the sellers.

However, long time online shoppers are not too bothered if the price range takes a slight hike.