The taxable persons are required to register as Input Service Distributor. Such distributors need to furnish an electronic return in form GSTR-6. The return contains the details of the tax invoice where the credit is received. This return needs to be filed only after 10th of the month and by 13th of the month succeding the tax period.

Heads where the information must be furnished


The taxpayers would be given a state wise 15 digit number based on PAN. This is the GST Taxpayers’ identification number. This number would be auto populated at the time of filing of return.

Name of the Registered Person

The name of the taxpayer would be auto populated too.


The relevant month would have to be selected from a drop down box in the portal.

Supplies from the taxpayers

The Input Service Distributors need to put details of the supplies that get received from the registered persons along with the amount of input credit. The information on inward supply would be auto populated as well.

Amendments of details on inward supply

Any modification made on inward supply details needs to be reported in this section.

Debits or Credits Amendment Notes

Similarly, the amendment made on the debit or credit notes must be declared in this section as well.

Input Service Distribution

This is a critical heading for the input service distributors. Here the distributor needs to put the details of the receivers of the input tax credit.

Revision of Input Service Distribution of Earlier Tax Periods

Any changes or revision made on the credit amount in the early tax period needs to be furnished in this section.

ISD Ledger

This is the repository of the transactions of credit distribution that are made between head offices and the branches. This is the heading which is created for the details of the tax credit received.

Once all the details are furnished, the taxpayer needs to submit a declaration about the correctness of the information.