New Delhi: On Monday the real time GST education would begin. The Central Government has decided to launch six vans which would go around the markets and try to help the traders understand GST and related issues of the tax system.

The initiative of starting the van had been taken by the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. It had been around ten days ago he came to know that the small scale traders were going through tough time understanding GST.

These vans would go round the city’s street to offer information regarding GST. It has also been decided to set up help desks to offer assistance. The officials assured that the problems that the traders are going through are not too serious. In fact, the problems are pretty basic and could be solved with proper assistance.

These vans are scheduled to go market to market with one GST official. Each one of the vans is properly equipped with loud speakers and other tools. These would help in announcing the arrival of the officials in the area. After arriving the officials would set up their base somewhere and would address the questions of the traders. Additionally, Government has decided to get connected with the market associates to inform the date and time of the arrival of the vans.

Sisodia has cheered GST implementation from the beginning, maintaining that this is a well-thought decision. However, he thinks that the implementation has not been proper in the country. He fears that the improper implementation can lead to events like tax evasion and harassment of the traders.

He says that the time to determine the impact of GST has not come yet. However, since the traders are going through problems, it is the responsibility of the Government to offer to help hand and provide education so that the traders can incorporate GST system in their daily life.