New Delhi: Information and Broadcasting ministry seeks help from the private television channels to promote scrolls about GST. The promotional campaigns will run on all the news and non-news channels. The new tax system had been launched on 1st July. It is said to be the largest tax reform in India in the past 70 years.

It has been requested, in an advisory which has been issued on Thursday, to the television channels to help in promoting GST awareness. Under this campaign, Government would arrange for workshops throughout the country. The advisory states that are remembering the importance of the matter, the television channels are to broadcast scrolls on GST. This campaigning would be on pro bono basis.

The GST Council is already running a huge campaign regarding GST. This campaign covers all areas including digital, printing, outdoor media and television. Amitabh Bachchan is assisting in this campaign.

The I&B Ministry has launched a separate advisory where they have asked the television channels and FM stations to offer suitable publicity to the mission called Indradhanush. This is another government initiative to provide the children who are under vaccinated to get immunization coverage.

In May, I&B Ministry had tracked down Pakistani channels which were being aired in Jammu Kashmir illegally. These channels were running anti-Indian campaigning. I&B Ministry had gotten in touch with the J&K government and asked them to explore the matter without delay.