New Delhi – The enterprise arm of Bharti Airtel has come up with a solution for the small and mid size businesses. By applying this solution, the enterprises can file GST return without trouble. This solution has been named as Airtel GST Advantage. The features of the filing solution include help desk which would assist the customers and 18 GB additional data along with access to the tax filing service.

The GST implementation is a landmark reformation for the economy of India. By launching the Airtel GST Advantage, Bharti Airtel would like to enable the small scale businesses with the luxury of free tax filing. Additionally, the small scale businesses would get secure data access. Airtel is the connectivity partner of GST. The company also offers data hosting service to the tax system, said the director and CEO of Airtel Business.

GST is the new indirect tax system which has been rolled out across the nation on 1st of July this year. Organizations having a turnover of ₹ 20 lakh or above would have to file under GST.

The customers of Airtel can opt for the GST software of ClearTax till the end of March 2018. The customers can also access the knowledge bank which has been put together by the GST experts. This would assist him to understand the different tax concepts.

It is not only Airtel which is about to offer GST assistance. Vodafone India has also planned to come up with solutions to offer GST filing assistance. However, the telecom service provider yet comments on this.

Recently the telecom industry of the nation has realized that the market is service oriented. The highly competitive market requires high turnaround time, proper service commitment and adequate infrastructure.

The international telecommunication business is estimated to cross $200 billion by 2020. Another study has shown that the telecom industry of the world is growing annually at 13.7%.

Besides the GST solution, Airtel has also launched emergency response solution for the government. This would be known as mobility solution which would be used for traffic management.