New Delhi – Reduction of inter state check post which took place after GST, has increased business efficiency. With the check posts gone, the time required for movement of goods dropped which turned out to be a boon for the businesses said, PM Modi.

GST has been designed to simplify the taxes. Also, this is the unification of all taxes, and thus the implementation has increased business efficiency. In the same meeting, the PM addressed the mass saying that the trucks have managed to save around 30 percent time on travel which in turn has saved a lot of money for the businesses.

GST has succeeded in removing the inter state check posts to turn the nation in a unified market. Here goods and services can have a smooth run together. Earlier the check posts scrutinized the documents at the border. This resulted in delays in transportation of goods.

Modi acknowledged the effort of the people behind the tax system. He said that due to technology the taxation could be implemented so quickly and smoothly. He added that initiatives as big as GST need collaborative action from both state and central.

The PM said that in the past the centre and the state fought over the issues of urea and kerosene. However, now the central government had taken a big brother type approach towards the state when it came to GST implementation.

He also said that during his career as the CM of Gujrat, he had learned a great many things including the importance of the state in the nation’s growth. This is why he has decided to hand hold the states at the time of GST implementation.