It was way back in 2016, Shailesh Kumar Agrawal, Badrinarayan Sahoo, Chaithanya Mohana Anisetti and Balaji GS Rao have created GSTSTAR. They have decided to trust GST. It was a time when not many business owners would have put their faith in the unified tax system. Later on, the new tax law has become an important entity for the nation. By the time it has become a certainty, the company has done its groundwork.

One of the co-founders recollected that a lot of uncertainty had surrounded GST implementation. Due to which putting full faith in the system had been a trying task. However, from late 2016, the tax regime has picked up its pace. The time during which the tax reformation has taken place, GSTSTAR has spent in doing market research and data collection. They have spent the time watching the market with faith that the GST law would pass for sure.

Both patience and faith paid off on 1st of July with GST getting implemented. With almost 100% growth, the company is now reaping the advantage of the long endurance and patience which they held during the time of uncertainty.

Since July 1st, the company has seen the beginning of an excellent traction. However, it was in the year of 2016 when they have decided to develop the product and assert their team. In these 50 days since the implementation of the tax system, they have already seen the client list going over thousand.

The recent transformation in the tax regime has attracted a lot of companies to GSTSTAR looking for their service. The co-founders claim that their USP lies in the knowledge that they have acquired and the quality of technology and products. They have had 17 long months to prepare for the tax system, and now they are ready to assist the business owners who fail to understand the tax regime.

The company has collaborated with Alankit Ltd, which is a Suvidha provider of GST. They have come together to help the clients who need assistance in the matter of understanding GST.

The company has two different divisions – GSTSTAR Cloud which is for the SME’s and GSTSTAR enterprise which is designed for the corporate houses.

The GSTSTAR enterprise software is for the big scale corporate houses who want to scale their operation based on GST. However, GSTSTAR Cloud is the one which is for SME clients. This software has been created to offer invoice making service along with tax calculating and invoice reconciliation service.

Due to this reason, the company enjoys a long client list which is dominated by the SME’s. In the coming month, the company will also launch a call center to assist people with the GST support.