With 28% GST, the Australia and India ODI series would be heavy in the pockets of the fans. The minimum price of the ticket had been ₹ 500, in the pre GST era. Now it has gone up to ₹ 650 after GST getting added to it. The other tickets too have gone up in price costing ₹ 1,300 and ₹ 1,900.

The CAB president Sourav Ganguly confirmed in a meeting that the cost of the tickets has not been increased. The increased prices are a reflection of the implementation of the GST as higher tax imposition has surged the prices.

On 21st September, One of the ODI matches is scheduled to be played in Eden garden Kolkata. Also, Kolkata would be hosting a match for Srilanka in November. However, it is confirmed that GST would have no impact on the price of the tickets right now in the present ongoing series.

To explain this Sourav Ganguly has said that test tickets get sold daily at ₹ 100.

Amidst the confusion and cost woe, the former Indian captain has said that Australia would find it difficult to beat India at home.