An addition to the family is always a different feeling. The excitement to name the baby is something that is hard to explain. Be it mythology or some quirky name; we Indians have our share of thoughts. No one can forget the famous Millennium baby who was born on 1st January 2000 or Lalu, who was born on a train in 2009 and was named after the railway minister Lalu Prasad.

Now there has been an amusing trend in the country where people have started naming their babies after the goods and services tax (GST). Kanchan and Umesh Patel of Surat, Gujarat, turned parents of three triplets and they decided to name them Garavi (G), Sanchi (S) and Taravi (T). Umesh said that he wanted to make the birth of his daughters a memorable one like the famous goods and services tax (GST).

Similarly, post the GST roll out some babies were named after it. One baby born on 1st July 2017 at 12:02 am was named GST by her parents. Also, one more baby girl born on 1st July in Chattisgarh state was named GST.

The new tax reform of indirect tax was launched on 1st July with a purpose of simplification of the complex cascading taxes that India had earlier. It was launched with a motivation of a unified tax system in India that complies with the global standards.

Mr. Umesh Patel said that it was his way of demonstrating the lack of gender bias like GST is one tax for the entire nation and is uniform. Similarly, the boy and the girl child are equal. Now, this is truly a welcome scenario where India has always had a preference for a male child which has led to a skewed sex ratio to such an extent that today we have the worst sex ratio in the world. Girls are mistreated and many times killed in the womb as they are considered a financial burden on the society.

Even though the country has faced a slowdown because of the implementation and the businesses slowly adopting the new tax regime, the confusion is also expected to go away with time. Mr. Patel was of the opinion that GST would bear the fruit in the long run.