GST implementation has faced a lot of criticism since the day of its inception. Now, the lottery traders of Mumbai are to join the protest against the unified tax regime. The protest would be against GST rate charged for a lottery. The angry workers have demanded that government change the tax rate from 28% to the 12% that they used to pay previously.

People who are in the lottery industry have come together to raise the protest against the tax system. The protest that is about the take place has nothing to do with any political party, said an organizer named Dhiraj Gawande. Snehal Shah, another organizer, said that a large number of unemployment had taken place in the lottery industry. He added that not only many people have lost their jobs, but the sale is also down as well. In case the tax rate does not change, the lottery industry of Mumbai would be extinct.

The organizers have said that the workers have got only one demand. They want the tax rate to go down from 28% to 12%. He said that the protest has just started. In case, no one listens to them; they would sit in front of the Vidhan Sabha and would try to talk to every MLA and MP. Even if that does not yield a result, he promised a march to Delhi.

Many lottery shops had to shut down due to the tax implementation. A 22-year-old lottery shop owner said that he used to fund his studies by selling lottery. He said he had to shut down the shop due to the high tax rate which led to the business to fall while the expenditure remained the same. He added that now survival has become difficult.

The protesters had a meeting with the Minister of State for Finance and Rural Development, Deepak Kesarkar. They have put their demands forward before the minister. Deepak Kesarkar assured to take the protesters’ demand to the higher level while maintaining that state cannot intervene with the GST rate. To help out the situation, the state government has come up with an online lottery system.