New Delhi – LPG price is about to rise by ₹ 2. The price hike would be per cylinder as per the government’s decision. It has been decided that the price hike would be every month just to eliminate subsidies. Every month the same price hike would take place.

A gas cylinder weighing 14.2 kg, would cost ₹ 479 now. This report has come out according to Indian Oil Corp. This is the nation’s largest retailer of fuel. The oil minister has said in a meeting that the price of the gas cylinder would increase by ₹ 4.

The government has asked IOC and other petroleum companies to raise the price of gas by ₹ 2. The quantum of the fuel has doubled so that the subsidy goes down to nil. The households of the nations can have 12 cylinders each year. If anyone has more requirement, they would have to buy the cylinder at the market price.

According to a report, a cylinder that used to cost ₹ 564 now costs ₹ 524. The oil companies have also raised the price of the fuel. The last price hike of gas had been on the 1st July. This is the time price was to ₹ 32. This hike has taken place due to the order that has been passed in the month of May.

You would find as many as 18.11 crore people who regularly buy from LPG gas. Many other people fall under the user of cooking gas that is non subsided.