Mumbai- Maharashtra is in the first position among all the states when it came to the migration of the existing traders and new registrations of various businesses under the GSTN (Goods and Service network).

The principal chief commissioner of the GST and central exercise, Mr. Subhash Varshney, said that out of the 9.16 lakh existing tax payers who used to pay VAT, service and central excise, more than 8 lakh had gone for new registrations in Maharashtra.

Uttar Pradesh was in the second position after Maharashtra with 5.93 registrations and Tamil Nadu on third regarding migration of the traders under the GST network. At a broader level, i.e., at the national level, approximately 58.53 lakh traders have migrated out of the 72.4 lakh traders.

Apart from these figures, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat were second and third when it came to the fresh and new registrations with 2.54 lakh and 1.16 lakh respectively. This is a good sign for the economy Mr. Varshney added, this is going to increase the tax payer customer base and would also increase the revenues of the government.

The date of filing the regular returns had recently been extended to September 10th which is only for the GSTR-1. This was done to facilitate the tax returns as the taxpayers were not able to file returns on time. To bring more awareness regarding the GST, and assist tax payers in filing their returns, the central GST authorities had launched a program of a live demo at various locations in Mumbai about a fortnight ago.

Since the dates to file the returns have been extended hence, the central tax authorities also extended the awareness program in Maharashtra with the association of the state GST authorities.