New Delhi – The advantages of GST could be seen within a month says Narendra Modi in Mann Ki Baat. He says that the taxation has already produced a noticeable positive effect on India’s economic system. The PM says that he feels proud and satisfied when a poor person writes to him to inform that due to GST prices of items significant for a living have gone down.

Due to an implementation of GST the commodities now have become cheaper. The PM says he has monitored the impact of GST on the transport sector. Also, the impact of GST on a logistic industry has been observed as well.

The movement of the trucks had been noticed as well. It has been seen that the time duration which earlier the trucks used to take, has now come down which is a significant change in the transport department.

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Because the trucks have increased speed to cover the time duration, the pollution level has come down. Goods which used to take days to transport, are not getting transported faster than the past. The PM adds that he hopes that the experts would write books on the nation’s GST implementation experiment.

The PM has brought few comparisons including the period that fell between 1942 and 1947, the time between quit India and the independence and also the time between 2017 and 2022.

He says that the five year time would play a significant role in the nation’s history. Therefore, the country must resolve to celebrate the change and welcome it with open arms.