The PC market of India has witnessed a sudden decline post GST. The percentage of decline had been 18.9% QoQ along with 1.75 million unit. This decline can be attributed to the implementation of GST. In a recent report, the research firm IDC has said that the shipment has dropped by 18%.

Before GST the PC shipment had been 2.6 million unit. This marked a growth of almost 12% in the shipment after the impact of demonetization settled. However, right after the beginning of cash flow, GST was implemented and PC unit reduced. This reduction affected the sale as well.

Industry Category Shipments

The consumer PC market had shipped 0.81 million units in the Q2; this is a drop of 22.6% from the shipment of a previous year. On the YoY system, the PC shipment decline had been by 22.7%.

The commercial market has succeeded in shipping 0.94 million unit in Q2 2017. This is also a huge decrease of 13.4%. On the YoY system, the shipment has decreased by 13.4%.

Laptops have always been accounted for a significant shipment segment of the nation. Post GST the shipment of a laptop has seen a drop of 38.4%. The commercial notebook has faced a decline of 19.6% in the shipment. 10% has increased desktop shipment from the previous year.

HP has been accounted for a significant shipment in the Q2. The company faced a fallen shipment rate of 6.5%. Dell has faced 57.8% shipment decline. Lenovo’s shipment has grown just 1.3%.