Hyderabad – The GST Council meets on 9th September said an official of Telangana Government. This is the third meeting since the inception of GST on 1st July. The union finance minister Arun Jaitley will lead the meeting. The agenda of the meeting is not fixed though the council members hope that the agenda would be set soon.

The Telangana government is about to talk about the issues related to tax concession for the government projects. There is another issue which the Telangana government would talk about – it is related to concession for Beedi and granite industry.

This GST Council which is led by the union finance minister has many state finance ministers as the members. These members have gotten together and found out many issues for the past ten months.

Among the 2.16 lakh VAT registrars, 1.96 lakh have migrated under GST system. This migration has been a smooth and trouble free process.

Those who have turnover under 20 lakh, are yet to migrate under GST. With this information, the GST Council has said that the extended date of filing is set on 25th August. In some exceptional cases, the taxpayers would be allowed to file the return by 5th September.