New Delhi: While addressing the mass last time as the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve people and the Parliament. He said that he had been a creation of the parliament where he stood that very day. When he had been asked about GST, he stated that the tax system is not only a mature attempt, it speaks greater volume too. He named it cooperative federalism while talking about GST.

However, Mukherjee has also expressed his regret at repeated protests and walk out’s that took place in the Parliament. According to Mukherjee, it is unfortunate that the parliamentary has declined.

Sumitra Mahajan, the Lok Sabha speaker, said that the occasion had been solemn to the members of parliament. The entire parliament showed respect to the departing president. Vice President Hamid Ansari stated that Mukherjee possessed immense knowledge and his views have succeeded in enhancing the Parliament.

The departing president said that he had tried his best to protect and preserve the Constitution of the nation. Also, he had tried to defend it whenever the need turned into a push. He said that not only on the paper but in his full spirit he had decided to serve the Constitution of India.

In his speech, he remembered his mentor the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He paid his respect by calling her a towering personality. He claimed that his career had been influenced by Indira Gandhi who had shown the courage to express her genuine feeling. Never had she tried to call a spade anything other than a spade. To make the more interesting Mukherjee narrated some incident involving Indira Gandhi, which both evoked laughter and respect.

In the end, Mukherjee said with a sense of sadness he would leave the building where he worked for past few years. He claimed to be happy to be able to create so many memorable moments.