Ahmedabad: The Union Minister for Textiles and Information & Broadcasting Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani has addressed a seminar on GST in Ahmedabad today. She said that anyone could not harass a person who wants to join the formal economy through GST. The minister has assured that the past corporate transaction would not be analyzed in GST system. She added that there would not be any consequences lest someone decides to be honest.

Smt. Irani has promised that strict action would be taken against Government officials or agencies in case they harass someone because of the past financial transaction. She has urged the traders to seek help directly from the MP in case an event of harassment takes place. While assuring assistance, she said that GST is not only a simple tax process, the system is a step towards transparency as well. The best thing about GST, says Smt. Irani is this is a destination tax process which works by returning money through credit.

The implementation of GST in India can be considered to be a historical event, and she expresses her pride to be a part of such an event. Through GST everyone comes under one platform.

Smt. Irani says that there will be no tax evader if a simple and transparent tax system gets introduced. This is the transformation which the Government wants to bring under the strong leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. She added that in search of direct and simple tax system the Government had implemented many systems in forms of Dhan Yojana or Jan Dhan Yojana. GST is a part of these systems only.

Assisted by other officials Smt. Irani has answered questions of the traders. She kept assuring that those who want to be honest, need not worry. To make the seminar successful, many other dignitaries were present here.