The demonstration, which the Delhi Congress ran for a week, now seems to be coming to its concluding part. The demonstration had been regarding the GST implementation, and it ran in-front of 42 markets of the Indian capital, as reported by various sources.

This demonstration took place before Kali Mata Mandir, and thousands of small scale traders participated in this demonstration.

Miserable Lives exclaimed DPCC President Ajay Maken said: “The lifestyle of common human beings of India is in the unfortunate situation. The poor people have been under severe price rising pressure. From clothes to fruits every item has seen a price hike. The young people are under serious threat of losing an opportunity of employment.”

Mr. Maken added that the implementation of GST has been wrong and due to this, the ordinary people are suffering. He said that the prices haven’t only gone up due to GST, the tax reformation has hit different parts of the professional lives including the small scale traders.

While discussing this, he also made sure to remind the people that Congress wanted to implement tax reformation with 14% outer limit. The Modi government has increased the outer limit, and now it is 43%.