New Delhi – Toilet Ek Prem Katha has already succeeded in ranking 50 crores already, has also succeeded in surprising everyone. The government has made sure that the movie goers get to watch this movie at a lower price compared to others.

This Akshay Kumar starrer has become the first movie released in the GST era to get such benefit. The previous state government had the power to waive off the tax on movies. However, with GST coming to effect such powers have been taken away by the central government. The AC movie halls need to pay 28% GST.

The theme of the movies revolves around the issue of open defecation. The backdrop of the movie is UP. The official correspondence said that the UP government had passed a bill which enables the moviegoers to reduce the price of the tickets and still pay GST.

The very next day the UP government has passed another bill and extended the time for the tax exemption on Akshay starrer movie. The bill which the UP government has passed has either different kind of movies which can fall under the exemption list.

The film makers could submit their application if they want to avail the exemption. However, the government can decline the application at their will. The Akshay Kumar starrer has fallen under the category 7.

Movies that have been made on public interest to spread messages or awareness could ask for tax exemption.