GST being a unified taxation system, should have been simple enough for the ordinary people to understand. However, the multiple slabs of the tax system have some of the traders confused. This is the reason, and a government has decided to offer as much help as it is possible to the small scale traders who would not be able to hire highly paid accountants.

West Bengal is one of the handful states to step forward with the helping hand to the small scale traders. The state government has decided to make the task of GST filing easy for the taxpayers. The government would soon provide free software to the small scale traders and help them with the GST return filing.

In the past few days, many complaints have been issued by the companies regarding GST filing. Many errors have come to notice as well. Many taxpayers are finding these tasks to be difficult to handle as there are many confusions related to the return filing.

On Thursday, Amit Mitra the WB finance minister has declared that the state government has collaborated with the National Informatics Center to develop a software which would help the small scale traders to file GST return without trouble.

The software would be provided for free to the small scale traders. There are other states, though few, which have come up with the similar decision to provide GST return filing software for free to small scale traders.

Mitra has issued a request to the trade association of the state to arrange for a seminar. Additionally, the finance minister of WB has also requested for a detailed report regarding trade logistic hub set up in Kolkata.

Also, Mitra said that the trade association of West Bengal being an apex entity, should arrange an international trade pinnacle in Kolkata to highlight the trade progress of the state.